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Aar Kay Vox Door Handles and Locks is providing a unique opportunity to the prospective investors to get associated and make a name in locks and door handles business. After getting systematic knowledge from The London Metal Exchange, Rafel Keli Vox, VOX London Ltd., thought of exploring and offering opportunities to entrepreneurs across India. He spoke to Ekta Sharma Verma, Chief Editor Franchise India, about his brand's further moves and strategies in India.

Everyone uses locks and knows its importance but very few of us are aware of its quality and durability due to lack of innovation in this product. On the other hand, when we buy products like cement to plumbing and paints, floor tiles, sanitary ware , electrical appliance etc., we have multiple brands in our mind and we are aware of uniqueness in each brand. But when we buy locks, we never bother about quality, choices, variety and application. We simply buy any lock without looking into durability and its features. So, i felt the need to make people aware about this industry and the prospects it is offering.

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